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 about me 

Height: 5"5   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Brown

LaKesha Lorene is a multifaceted entertainer. The actress, singer and creator divides her time between theatre, film, and commercials locally, regionally and soon nationally.  



The Herbert Brothers    |   The Fourth Degree    |   Detective Louise

McWhit Productions      |   Seeking Counsel       |   Shauna Parks 

Grumpy Golden Ent.     |   Spectre                      |  Tish


The Cupboard Presents |   The Color Purple Musical   |  Nettie 

Madam Walker Legacy Center  |  The Renaissance      |  A'Leila Walker

Phoenix Theatre            |  Fairfield                               |   Vanessa 


Heyman Talent Agency  |   Nationwide Insurance  |  Print

Heyman Talent Agency  |   Market District             |  Local Television Distribution

Talent Fusion                 |   IPS Televised Spot       |   Local Television Distribution

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 Training & Workshops 

Indy Actors Academy   |   Jim Dougherty

Edan Evans Indy Acting Studio   |   Edan Evans

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